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The Stylus is back!!!
Available from Matt Downes at Stylus Sports Cars Ltd.


Added Mike Metcalfe's car with a picture and added him to the Stylus Locator Map.

Big congratulations to Robert Farley with his class T9 win and 3rd overall result in the Rushmoor sprint challenge.


Added Tony Kirk's car with pictures and link to the forum and added him to the Stylus Locator Map.

And new membersPaul Benson and Neil Boyle are added to the memberslist, more details will follow.

Robert Farley is making anti-roll bars for the Stylus and all cars using inboard front suspension like Fisher Fury and Phoenix cars. Watch this space for development.


Added Dave Hunter's car with pictures and added him to the Stylus Locator Map.

And David Jackson's Stylus has hit the Road.


Added Simon Bateman to the Stylus Locator Map.


Added Pete and Matt Loveless to the Stylus Locator Map.


Added Peter Bowes to the Stylus Locator Map. And another Stylus hits the road, congratulations to Ray Rawles.


Modified the Stylus Locator Map a little bit.

Updated Chris Hill's page here, Peter Hill's page here and Iain Rooney's page here.


Major addition of the Stylus Locator Map, check it out here

Added Kate Webster's page here.


For those that didn't receive the 2007 newsletter by email, HERE is your chance to download it as a acrobat PDF. If you don't have acrobat reader, you can download it at the Adobe site. If you didn't receive the newsletter by email and you would like to receive future newsletters, please fill out the webform with your email address.


Added Alex Millard's car with pictures.


Added Alec Martin's car with loads of pictures. Also added a google site search to make it easier to find stuff on the site.


Added a live bookmark to the site, so Firefox/IE7 users can use this instead of the RSS feed with a additional feedreader.


Added Greg Myers' carand cleaned up some loose ends in the site.


Added a gallery to the website featuring a RSS feed so you can be kept up-to-date whenever pictures are added.


Added links to the blogs of myself and Robert Farley on the site. Also a link to my gallery.


Added a RSS feed to the homepage so people can use a RSS feedreader to track changes of the site.


Added a new member Jasper Pearson here and added pictures of Leigh Pratt's car. It looks awesome here.
Added functionality to the forum so you receive an email whenever a new topic is started in the forums you subscribe to.


Added 2 new members: Jim Shipp and Leigh Pratt. Also corrected some minor mistakes.


Updated Neil Emerton's info and added pictures of his build. Updated Robert Farley's info under the competition tab. Also corrected some minor problems.


Removed Speedon as Benelux distributor because they stopped representing the SSC stylus.
Changed some minor things and updated the links section


Added a competition section and made some updates here and there.(events)


Added 3 new members to the "members and their cars" section.


Added the members cars section, several build manuals exist in this section.


Layout of the site changed so it's better viewable on lower resolutions, also changed the contacts page


New clubstylus website up and running