About us

The club was started in August 2000 as a source of information for builders and owners of the Specialist Sports Cars 'Stylus' (formerly the Sylva Stylus). The Club aims to be a focal point for advice, contacts and other useful information for Stylus owners and prospective owners. We are not run by Specialist Sports Cars and try to be a neutral party, but obviously we have links with SSC.

Club Stylus was formed and was run by Stylus owner Jeremy Bayne-Powell who felt a source of useful facts and ideas would be of great benefit to builders and prospective builders. Also being a place to provide support for owners. Jeremy ran the club in his spare time and from time to time this spare time runs out! Updating the pages is usually done in batches; please allow a few days for sent information to appear on the website.

Because Jeremy has sold his Stylus because of family expansion, the club is nowadays run by Werner Van Loock who recently purchased a project stylus that was sitting in a garage for years. The rest is the same story as for Jeremy.
There is no charge for membership of the club and it is our intention to keep it this way.

The website has recently increased it's available web space and previous restrictions on what will 'fit' on the website has been lifted.

The club is run primarily as an internet based club but there is scope to arrange parking spaces at shows provided there is sufficient interest. Also there has recently been the formation of evening monthly meetings. If you have an event idea or would like to organise an event, please get in touch with the Club.

We warmly welcome new ideas, information and any other facts, tricks etc you may like to share with us. This is your club and we want it to be as good for you as we can make it, if you feel we could be trying something, then please let us know. We would also be very interested if anyone out there uses their car to race / hillclimb / sprint. Let us know how you get on and if you have got a forthcoming event, we will post details of the event on the site, for anyone else who may be interested.