IVA Question

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IVA Question

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Hi guys it's been a long time!

After nearly 18 months of not entering the workshop it's now time to put this project to bed once and for all.

I've been looking at the IVA requirements and to be honest most of it looks ok but the requirement for split curcuit diagonal brakes is a worry. Has anyone put a car in for test that runs two master cylinders (one front & one rear), were they laughed out of the building?
So yellow, is t right or wrong??

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Re: IVA Question

Post by PeteC »

SVA/IVA Brakes Hi, if you check on this IVA forum further down, this question has already been asked, by me!!

4. The vehicle must be fitted with a split (dual) circuit brake system with each part of the
system operating on at least two wheels (one on each side), capable of operating in
the event of a failure of the service brake or its power assistance.

So if you're using a twin master cylinder set up with one front and one rear then you have sorted it. note that it must not be adjustable for inspection..

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