Donor log books??

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Donor log books??

Post by lambostylus »

Just had a chat to the local test centre (Gillingham) about my impending SVA - because I applied some time ago, they are giving me a test date in about 3 months, but tell me it will only be SVA, not IVA!? :D

It'll be good if its true, but any elation was blown away when the test dude asked for donor log books. As, like most people I imagine, I got many of my parts either through Tim or predecessors, or from a scrapyard, I have no log books. I'm struggling to get the engine number verified by Ford, but thats another story.

The tester was insistant that I would need log books for every car that provided a part - this means axle, trans, eng, steering column, uprights, hand-brake etc etc :shock: :shock: :shock: . This sounds like I'm lining up for a big problem, can anyone confirm or deny what's required? Has anyone gone through this recently??
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Re: Donor log books??

Post by stylussprinter »

Maybe it's because they are assuming you want an age related or as new reg' number :?:
I was never asked for that but got a Q plate :roll:
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Re: Donor log books??

Post by Pete&Matt »

i hope they dont want them, as all of the parts on ours are from scrap cars and wouldnt have a chance in hell of getting anything!

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Re: Donor log books??

Post by Schrodinger »

The IVA starts on the 29 April, if you have applied already to VOSA then you should be ok as long as your test is before the end of April.
The test centre don't need to see any log books as that is forthe registration which is done by DVLA not VOSA.
I would check that your application is OK as the final date for application for SVA is 28 Feb.

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