SVA test in Germany

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SVA test in Germany

Post by lambostylus »

I am in need of council from the wise ones (ie you guys)

I am serving with the Army in Germany, and I've brought my almost-built stylus over to finish off. Unfortunately trying to convince anyone that a 400 mile trip back to the UK is just 'driving to the test-site' is not likely to be successful.

Has anyone heard of any attempts to take the test (SVA or TUV?) either in Germany or nearby countries, who can shed some light?

Cheers aye,


(ps, check the mods section for an idea I'm part-way through developing, it may spark some interest)
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Post by se7ensport »

My understanding is that it notoriously difficult / nigh impossible to register a kit for the first time outside of the UK, I have heard of many foreign builders shipping the car to the uk or trailering it here, getting and SVA then exporting it back to their own country where it can be re-registered on that countries plates. It's a bit of a loop-hole as some countries there is no equivalent to the SVA and don't really have a kit car industry.


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Post by Werner Van Loock »

This one I can comment on. And you can't get it done outside of the uk unless the kit is german. As the germa kitcar manufacturers have to get some approval (bit like type approval) for their model and then a builder can have his self built kit TUV'ed, but as the Stylus is a UK kit it doesn't have the correct paperwork to do so.

Belgium is a no, even very difficult to get a uk registered kit imported as the technical requirements are higher then what SVA requires. For instance the emissionstest in belgium is related to the date of first registration and not age of engine.

Netherlands doesn't have a sva alternative, though they have better regulations regarding registering/importing a kit, especially regarding emissions and stuff.

France I have no knowledge , but not possible either I guess.

Italy has some regulations, but don't know them. Tim once had a italian distributor, but don't know the status of this.

There's some rumours that Poland and chez republic have easy regulations, look at the K1 attack, got road legal very easy in chez republic, though failed SVa over and over again till last year when it finally got SVA'd. So maybe this is a route now that they are european countries, though language can be a problem.

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